Helping people and businesses

to make smart energy decisions

product for consumer

Energy Speedometer

Energyspeedometer helps the private household get control of their power consumption. The energyspeedometer provides real-time display of power consumption, smart warnings and more.



Energy Speedometer for business

Does your business use energy in a smart way?
Helping your business save energy, money and contribute to a sustainable future!

product for Business

Energy Forecast

Energy Forecast delivers energy load forecasts using advanced machine learning and AI. Tailored to help electricity suppliers, grid companies (DSOs) and district heating companies.

Baseline Energy helps people and businesses to make smart energy decisions

Baseline Energy

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Contact us for more information. If you have questions regarding Energy Forecast, contact Jan Helge Strømnes. On questions regarding Energy Speedometer, contact Pourya Shafizadeh.

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