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In Baseline Energy our enthusiastic and highly skilled team is working to help people and businesses manage their daily energy decisions.

We have two business areas

Both business areas are important for helping businesses and people save energy and money while contributing to a sustainable future.


Energy Speedometer


Energy Speedometer for Business

Baseline Energy helps people and businesses to make smart energy decisions

Our green mission: Energy efficiency and energy education

Sustainability is important for Baseline Energy. We use our "Sustainability strategy - Strategy and environmental plan for sustainable operation" as a management tool.

By helping businesses and people manage their energy decisions, saving energy and using the energy infrastructure in a more efficient way, Baseline Energy is a contributor to several of the 17. Sustainability Development Goals:

Our main provider of cloud solutions, Google has a strong focus on sustainability

Security and GDPR

At Baseline Energy, we have a strong focus on security for customer data and GDPR regulations. When developing the platform we follow the recommendation from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority on built-in privacy, a central requirement in the Personal Data Act, which means that privacy has been taken into account in all development phases of the solution.

The platform is built for automatic scaling in case of increased traffic so that users will always have a good experience. Several levels of monitoring of the platform have been incorporated, so that potential unwanted situations are identified before they become a problem. The ITIL framework is used to have stable operations and good operating routines.

Our Team

Contact us for more information. If you have questions regarding Energy Forecast, contact Jan Helge Strømnes. On questions regarding Energy Speedometer, contact Pourya Shafizadeh.

Brage W. Johansen

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